We are a mobile design studio focusing on creating interesting human-computer interactions, while exploring capabilities in the emerging field of mobile computing. The studio formed in Summer 2008, in order to consider the possibilities of applications for the iPhone. Since our formation we have launched one application, and our currently working on two more. Our goal is to create interesting programs that will engage the user.
you can email us at questions@wanderingpig.com
or below at our individual addresses.
I am a recent graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, coming out of the Computational Media program. I enjoy designing fun and interesting applications, as well as programing them. Starting at a young age I have been interested in game design, and plan to do something in that vein with Wandering Pig Studios.
I am a trained Architect, and have experience in education, management, design, and marketing.
I am a binary coder, assembly nut, actuary, editor, graphic theorist and typographic ponderer.
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